Rosa Parks Fundraiser March 18-24

Welcome to the Rosa Parks Elementary School Fundraiser, March 18 - 24

WITH EVERY PURCHASE you make of *any books* in-store or on this website, March 18th to 24th, Pegasus Books will donate a percentage of your total back to Rosa Parks Elementary to support our school. Be sure to say "Rosa Parks" at time of in-store purchase, or type "Rosa Parks" in the comment field when ordering online. Teacher requests will be available at the Solano Avenue store, with additional requests in online wishlists (see below.)

IMPORTANT: PLEASE TYPE "ROSA PARKS" IN THE COMMENT FIELD when you order any books on this website. This will ensure your purchase is counted towards the Rosa Parks Fundraiser.

JOIN US FOR AN IN-STORE EVENT Sunday, March 19th, noon to 3pm. Teachers will be reading from their favorite books, as scheduled:

12:00 Shannon Riehle will read
12:25 Susan Gatt will read
12:50 Marvin Reed will read
1:15 Kesha McNaulty will read
1:40 Patty Desierto will read
2:05 Cody Schmidt will read
2:30 Lisa Billings will read

TWO WAYS TO DONATE a gift card or code: If you are shopping online, you can send your teacher an online gift code here. To donate a gift card for teachers to use at the store, please call our SOLANO Pegasus store (510) 525-6888, or visit the store.

WHEN ORDERING ONLINE: If you are ordering books on this site to pick up in-store, please choose the SOLANO/North Berkeley store in checkout.

TEACHER WISH LISTS: Selections vary between online and in-store display. Please visit PEGASUS ON SOLANO for more selection.

Teacher Moreno's Classroom Wish List

Teacher Truitt's Science Classroom Wish List

Teacher Riehle's Classroom Wish List

Teacher Viridiana's Classroom Wish List

Teacher Pepper's Classroom Wish List

Teacher Gatt's Classroom Wish List

Teacher Lara's Classroom Wish List

Teachers Lum, Gatt and Lara Wish List

Librarian Howe's Library Wish List