• We believe in the printed word and in the alchemy of handing the printed word to others.


  • We curate a collection of 300,000 worldviews, give or take. We offer this collection for review free of charge.


  • We believe in free speech and freedom of expression.

  • We will always be a welcoming and inclusive neighborhood space.


  • We host events that invite discussion, spark imagination, and support authors. These events are free of charge.


  • We support local schools through donations and book fairs, and we support a literary education for all.


  • We appreciate libraries and the right to read freely. We appreciate indie bookstores and your right to shop in them.


  • We are community. With roots in our neighborhoods, cities and the bookselling community, we support and celebrate the biodiversity of local and small.


  • We are booksellers. We are also poets, musicians, actors, bakers, writers, parents, athletes, directors, impresarios, entrepreneurs, artists, skaters, boardmembers, rockclimbers, readers. We are here because we choose to be.


Pegasus Books, since 1969