Pegasus teams up with local schools to raise money, and to help schools get awesome books! We offer two styles of fundraiser, each of which can be tailored to fit your school’s needs.


During a Partnership Day or Weekend, 20% of the purchases made by your participants go to the PTA in cash, or 30% store credit. We have teacher request lists available, from which people can order books for the school. This is a low-key event where people can come in and shop as they like. If your goal is to earn cash for the PTA, this is a more straightforward fundraiser.


An in-store book fair is more of an event or party. As in Partnership Days, we specify a time period for when people can come in to shop (and in which the school will receive credit from people’s purchases), but we also host in-store events during part of the day. In the past, our book fairs have included teachers reading out loud, snacks, and tons of fun. In this situation, the teachers send in requests for their classrooms, and we have many of the requested books on hand. We organize the books by teacher, so parents can easily find books for their student’s classroom. This fundraiser tends to get more books purchased for the school, so it is great if you are trying to build up your school’s library. We offer 20% back in cash, or 30% in store credit. If you are interested in having an event at Pegasus, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We can answer questions and work with you to make the event just right for your school.


Contact, with "Fundraiser" in the subject line