The Alternate End of Cassidy Marchand (Paperback)

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The Alternate End of Cassidy Marchand By Tracey Barski Cover Image

The Alternate End of Cassidy Marchand (Paperback)


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What happens when you're pulled into an alternate version of your life?

Cassidy Marchand is abandoned, on the run, and out of money. She's just gotten arrested for stealing, but that's the least of her worries. When she wakes up, everything seems normal-at first. She soon discovers she has entered an alternate reality where she encounters devoted and loyal friends she's never met, meets the golden-boy doctor she's engaged to, and finds out the father who deserted her in her own world actually stuck around to raise her alternate self. The biggest hitch? Alternate-reality Cassidy is not only dead, she's been murdered.

Dealing with the complicated mess of her own emotions and the grief of those around her is nightmarish enough, but there's still a killer on the loose. Will Cassidy become a victim for a second time? When someone else gets taken by the killer, Cassidy can't justify her desire to run away from the heartache and the danger, and finds herself running headlong into an alternate end she hadn't bargained for.

Product Details ISBN: 9781961707009
ISBN-10: 1961707004
Publisher: Tracey Barski
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2022
Pages: 320
Language: English