The Dark Domain (Dedalus European Classics) (Paperback)

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'...reading The Dark Domain by Stephan Grabinski is such a revelatory experience. Because here is a writer for whom supernatural horror is manifest precisely in modernity - in electricity, fire-stations, trains: the uncanny as the bad conscience of today. Sometimes Grabinski is known as the Polish Poe but this is misleading. Where Poe's horror is agonised, a kind of extended shriek, Grabinski's is cerebral, investigative. His protagonists are tortured and aghast, but not because they suffer at the caprice of Lovecraftian blind idiot gods: Grabinski's universe is strange and its principles are perhaps not what we expect, but they are principles - rules- and it is in their exploration that the mystery lies. This is horror as rigour.' China Mieville in The Guardian.
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ISBN: 9781909232044
ISBN-10: 1909232041
Publisher: Dedalus
Publication Date: July 31st, 2013
Pages: 153
Language: English
Series: Dedalus European Classics