Marlowe's Complaint (Paperback)

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Marlowe's Complaint (Paperback)


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"Sometime late in 1598, Christopher Marlowe, the brilliant poet and playwright, wrote a scathing letter to his patron and protector, Sir Thomas Walsingham. Accusing him of having an "inconstant mind", Marlowe threatened to "set down a story of faults concealed" and challenged him to "hate me when thou wilt." Sir Thomas, veteran of his "uncle's" anti-Catholic intelligence service, would immediately have recognized the danger. Marlowe, who most of the English-speaking world believed had notoriously been "stabd to death by a bawdy seruing man" in a sleazy tavern brawl in mid-1593, was very much alive and threatening to reveal a secret that had kept them both safe for more than five years."

Continued in Chapter One, Christopher Marlowe's Dangerous Letter"

From the Author of Marlowe's Fate ("a thoughtful, well-crafted drama", "an intriguing, surprisingly enjoyable exploration" - Stage Buddy, "A nifty, literate literary mystery", "keeps the audience on its toes and constantly surprised" - Theatre Pizzaz) and The Glen ("a lovely coming of age story that had me walking out of the theatre with tears in my eyes and smile on my face" -, "a 'must see' play" -

Product Details ISBN: 9781803690643
ISBN-10: 180369064X
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: November 9th, 2021
Pages: 432
Language: English