That's Not Fair: A Lesson on Equity Versus Equality (Hardcover)

That's Not Fair: A Lesson on Equity Versus Equality By Casey N. Morris Cover Image
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The book "That's Not Fair," explains what it means to be equitable through the simplest demonstration.

Two classmates who are close friends and very similar to one another, participate in an activity the

teacher directs to explain the difference between equity versus equality.

The activity that Jordan and Justin participate in helps us to understand that we cannot allocate

resources equally when one person or group starts from behind. Equal distribution of resources will

not help close the gaps that exist. Alternatively, the activity establishes the necessity to focus on

helping people who start from behind by providing additional support to achieve equity. The last page

quotes, "Equality means we give everyone the exact same resources, whereas equity means giving

resources based on the needs of the people receiving them."

This book is an educational and fun tool to help us visualize what it means to practice equity.

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ISBN: 9781737048138
ISBN-10: 1737048132
Publisher: Casey Morris
Publication Date: February 17th, 2022
Pages: 48
Language: English