Thomas Fermor and the Sons of Witney (Hardcover)

Thomas Fermor and the Sons of Witney By Philip Farmer Cover Image
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A recusant family story from "Roses" to Restoration... and the quest for freedom of assembly, press, petition, speech, and religion. Two hundred years of rising economic prosperity elevated Thomas Fermor's family from affluence within the Hundreds of the Cotswold, to influence within the House of Commons. But the intensified animosity between royal supremacy and personal independence strengthened the religious fervor, emboldened revolts, and plotted regicide. Some family members emigrated to inhospitable shores to escape an incompetent monarch, while others remained to inflame Rebels, Royalists, and Roundheads of the Three Kingdoms into a civil war, execute a bankrupt king, and momentarily grant the head of state to a citizen.
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ISBN: 9781678191993
ISBN-10: 167819199X
Publication Date: January 17th, 2022
Pages: 792
Language: English