Rainbow Slicky Slide (Paperback)

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For over forty years Art Osborne, aka MR. BANDMAN, has known the importance of establishing a strong foundation from which learning can successfully begin.

Just as this is very important for proper development in learning music, it is imperative for a child to have a strong foundation when learning about our heavenly Father, GOD.

Rainbow Slicky Slide establishes such a foundation by beginning the teaching from: Genesis 1:1 "GOD created the earth."

In Rainbow Slicky Slide, the angel Gabriel is given a commission to take three children on a cloud flying journey around the earth to show the children that GOD loves them, and that:

"The earth is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, put here by GOD for all girls and boys to use and enjoy."

Whether you are a parent, friend, teacher, or grandparent, that special child in your life will enjoy the inspirational and exciting Cloud Flying Journey.

I know you will agree that it is so important for a child to have this scripturally based knowledge, strengthened and forever implanted in their heart, that GOD loves them.

On the inside of the book, you will learn of a website where you can receive, absolutely free, a download of a video song- book and an audio soundtrack. This will allow your child to read and sing right along with the Rainbow Slicky Slide book.

The companion video songbook and audio soundtrack are free with the purchase of the book.

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ISBN: 9781647732066
ISBN-10: 1647732069
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: September 7th, 2020
Pages: 56
Language: English