How to Start a Law Firm When You're Broke (Paperback)

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When you do it right, starting your own firm can give you flexibility, financial independence, and a thriving career. How to Start a Law Firm When You're Broke walks you through every step of starting a law firm--the right way, and without breaking the bank. Author Lauren Eagan has done everything she writes about in this accessible roadmap. With her guidance, you can begin with a strong foundation to make sure everything is in place to make your firm last. Starting in a new city with student loan debt, Lauren Eagan explains how she effectively built her business. She explains how you, too, can take advantages of resources you might not have known were available, such as free and low-cost technology solutions, online resources, and leveraging the skills of your friends, family, and mentors. More than anything, starting your practice depends on your own hard work, research, and decision process all dedicated to achieving your goal. Following the book's path towards opening your own practice, Lauren Eagan explains these key ingredients in the mix: - Doing the necessary work while getting started - contract work, document review, and more- Adding a business focus to how you think - goal setting, choosing a business entity, bank accounts, insurance and taxes- Make your firm seem established - names, logos, office space, and online communications- Determine a target market and get clients - from networking to volunteering and giving presentations to the importance of social media- Case management - software and systems - How to get paid - fee arrangements, invoices, and how to follow up- Planning in time for you - vacations, weekends, and adding efficiency- Know when you're ready to grow - outsourcing, delegating, and hiring- And finally, what to do when you're ready to start: create a business planChapters are both accessible and encouraging, tackling topics that can be overwhelming in a constructive, step-by-step manner. Throughout the book, Lauren shares checklists, flow charts, plenty of real-world tips that she used in setting up her successful law firm, as well as checklists by chapter that capture each topic's core information.

About the Author

Lauren A. Eagan, Esq. is an award-winning immigration attorney with multiple offices across the United States. She opened her firm, Eagan Immigration PLLC, in late 2014, two weeks after moving to Washington, DC. At that time, she did not have any clients and had spoken to only a handful of attorneys in the area. She truly started her firm from nothing. Over time, her firm has grown significantly, and she opened a second office in Virginia in 2016 and a third office in Washington State.
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ISBN: 9781641056472
ISBN-10: 1641056479
Publisher: American Bar Association
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 184
Language: English