Thirty Years of My Life on Three Continents (Vol 2) (Paperback)

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Thirty Years of My Life on Three Continents (Vol 2) By Edwin De Leon Cover Image

Thirty Years of My Life on Three Continents (Vol 2) (Paperback)


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By Edwin De Leon

Excerpt from Contents

Inside Confederacy
The Rebel Capital
President Davis and Secretary Benjamin send me through Blockade to Europe as Special Envoy
My Program
Go to Wilmington
What a Confederate Cotton Blockading Port was like
Curious Contrasts
Earl of Dunmore as a Blockade Breaker
The Steamer Theodora, "Pirate Maffitt," ordered to take me across
How we Managed it under Fire, and reached Nassau

Interview with Lord Palmerston as to Southern Recognition
His Argument and Mine
Quarrel between Man and Wife
Personal Appearance and Characteristics of Lord Palmerston, a Man who was young to the end
Anecdote of Lady Palmerston

In France
Public Opinion and the Press under the Empire
The Press System
Dardenne de la Grangerie of the Press Bureau
Due de Morny, his Characteristics
Count de Persigny
Reminiscences of, and Negotiations with, the Emperor at Vichy for Three Weeks
Garibaldi Breaks them Up
My Impressions of Louis Napoleon
Admiral Semmes' Last Night at Paris, before his Fight with the Kerseage
His Characteristics

Reminiscences of Thackeray and Laurence Oliphant and of Mrs. Oliphant
Thackeray as he appeared in Private Life
The Man as distinguished from the Author

Recollections of General Gordon and of Captain Burton during several Years' Intimacy with Both
Personal Peculiarities and Anecdotes concerning the Two
Attempt of Gordon to enlist Burton's Co-operation
Why it failed
Gordon's Methods and Burton's
A Word as to Stanley's
Lady Burton as a Woman and Authoress

At Constantinople
The City of Stamboul, and the European Colonies of Pera and Galata
Fresh Impressions on and after Landing up the Hill to Pera
What it is like

A Friday Morning at Beschicktach
The Sultan at his Prayers
Incidents of the Ceremonial
Abdul Hamid's Conduct on such Occasions
His Personal Appearance and Peculiarities
The History of Beschicktach, the Turkish Windsor
Memories of Dead Sultans, and of one Buried Alive
Artin Pacha Dadian, Under Secretary of State

A Summer on the Upper Bosphorus
Up and Down in Steamer and Caique
Therapia and Buyukdere, the Summer Resorts of the Diplomatic Corps, and European Society
Admiral Hobart Pacha, Sketch of his Life and Character from Personal Observation. . .


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