Dyke (geology) (Paperback)

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Dyke (geology) By Sabrina Imbler Cover Image

Dyke (geology) (Paperback)


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I read this chapbook a few months ago and fell in love. I read it again this morning and it hit just as hard – particularly the lines, “She patiently buckles me in so I can fuck her with a dick the color of amethyst […] The one I returned to you in a Trader Joe’s bag, lapis lazuli” which seamlessly follows several paragraphs describing the process of stone petrification. There’s more I could say but I really think you should just read it for yourself.

— Zoe

Through intertwined threads of autofiction, lyric science writing, and the tale of a newly queer Hawaiian volcano, Sabrina Imbler delivers a coming out story on a geological time scale. This is a small book that tackles large, wholly human questions-what it means to live and date under white supremacy, to never know if one is loved or fetishized, how to navigate fierce desires and tectonic heartbreak through the rise and eventual eruption of a first queer love."When two galaxies stray too near each other, the attraction between them can be so strong that the galaxies latch on and never let go. Sometimes the pull triggers head-on wrecks between stars-galactic collisions-throwing bodies out of orbit, seamlessly into space. Sometimes the attraction only creates a giant black hole, making something whole into a kind of missing." In vivid, tensile prose, DYKE (GEOLOGY) subverts the flat, neutral language of scientific journals to explore what it means to understand the Earth as something queer, volatile, and disruptive.

Product Details ISBN: 9781625577160
ISBN-10: 1625577168
Publisher: Black Lawrence Press, Inc.
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2020
Pages: 24
Language: English