Shellie's Surprise Adventure (Hardcover)

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Shellie is turning seven today and is having a big party tonight with loads of friends and family.

She asks permission to go out and play but is warned not to go near the woods. She, her dog, and her stuffed bear get caught up in chasing a butterfly she wants to give to her momma. Shellie realizes she has wandered too far and is lost in the woods, and it will be getting dark soon.

So, she sits down near a tree and falls asleep. Shellie dreams that an angel has been sent to watch over her. But it's not a dream. The angel stays with her, while back at the house a big search party is looking for her.

Shellie asks the angel a lot of questions, and the angel answers every one in a way that makes the little girl promise to always obey her parents.

Then Shellie hears voices and sees her daddy. He scoops her up and they return home, where they are greeted by even more people than were invited to her birthday party.

That night when Shelly is in bed, she thanks the angel (and her daddy does too).

Shellie's Surprise Adventure has made this a birthday she will never forget.

Alexis K. Adams has been writing since she could hold a pencil. She describes herself as an animal rights and welfare activist. The first-time author lives in Greenville, South Carolina, "with my menagerie of animals including six dogs, two parrots, and I have lost count of how many cats."

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ISBN: 9781625168665
ISBN-10: 1625168667
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LL
Publication Date: November 13th, 2017
Pages: 44
Language: English