The Last Man: (Dystopian Classics) (Paperback)

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In this dystopian and apocalyptic novel, Lionel Verney is the last man on Earth bearing witness to a plague that destroys mankind in the last days of the twenty-first century. Dystopian Classic Editions publishes works of dystopian literature that have survived through the generations and been recognized as classics. A dystopian society is an imagined society in which the people are oppressed, however the government propagandizes the society as being a utopia or a perfect society. Typical themes in dystopian literature include public mistrust, police states, and overall unpleasantness for the citizens. Authors of dystopian works strive to present a worst-case scenario and negative depiction of the way things are in the story so as to make a criticism about a current situation in society and to call for a change. Each Dystopian Classic Edition selected for publication presents such a story.
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ISBN: 9781542924276
ISBN-10: 1542924278
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 4th, 2017
Pages: 296
Language: English