Freediving Manual: Learn How to Freedive 100 Feet on a Single Breath (Paperback)

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Freediving Manual: Learn How to Freedive 100 Feet on a Single Breath By Mike McGuire Cover Image

Freediving Manual: Learn How to Freedive 100 Feet on a Single Breath (Paperback)


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Freediving is one of the fastest growing water sports
Not only is it easy to learn to freedive, you can dive all over the world. No matter where you go, you can always find a place to practice your freediving training. While you used to have to take weeks and weeks of classes to learn to freedive properly, you can now learn how to hold your breath, diaphragmatic breathing, and the very best freediving techniques, in this one, fun to read, easy to understand book.

What will you learn in this book?
- What freediving is..
- How to avoid ear pressure when freediving?
- How to keep safe during the exercises?
- Different types of diving
- How you can start diving almost immediately
- What kind of freediving gear or freediving fins to purchase.
- Where the best diving locations can be found.
- How to deal with the fear and anxiety you might encounter?
- How to train for Freediving?
- Breath holding and breathing techniques. Tips for holding breath longer underwater
- Safety and preparedness. What a diving budy should do in an emergency?
- And so much more..

While a class may seem like the best way to get into the freediving craze, in reality, you can learn everything you need to know from this book. It will teach you all about the different techniques, where to look for great freediving water, and even outline the best safety procedures. Like any sport that involves water, diving without scuba gear can be dangerous, but when you have the right gear and the right training, it is also the best way to see the beauty that the ocean holds.

The main tenant of freediving is breath holding. In order to access to lower depths, you must train your body to hold its breath for longer and longer stretches of time. This does not come naturally to the human body, and to be able to hold your breath for more than a minute takes training and constant maintenance. This book will teach how to hone your body and your mind for this intense experience.

Whether you are a novice looking to start this great sport, or an experienced freediver looking for a refresher on safety, techniques, and gear, there is no better book. Look no further for the very best in breathing techniques, freediving strategies, and safety tips. This sport is fun for all those who are willing to put the time and energy into learning the right methods and training their bodies.

If you are ready to start learning an exciting new sport of freediving, grab your copy today

Check Out What Others Are Saying...
"This is by far the most well rounded free diving book I've ever read. I practiced for many years and then took some time off. I was realy looking for a refresher course prior to a long overdue abalone dive. I really thought I knew it all from having so many years under my belt; I was wrong. I didn't know how much I still had to learn. I practiced the excercises in the book for about a week before my dive. I was nearly where I left off from my last dive years prior and within a month I plan to be on my A-game. Thanks to the author for providing such a detailed guide, it's opened up a whole new perspective on the sport that I grew up with "
- GrumpysGifts (USA)

"This guide is one of the best written and detailed books on diving out there.For my personally holding my breath underwater was as hard as actual swimming so when I saw that there is a full chapter on how to master it, I knew I have to take this book. All the other tutorials and safety measures are well written so I am sure it will save a lot of lives.I recommend this book to anyone passioned about freediving. Five star for me "
- Vlad Buculei (Brno, Czech Republic)
Product Details ISBN: 9781520844350
ISBN-10: 1520844352
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 15th, 2017
Pages: 104
Language: English