Lucifer Michael and I (Paperback)

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Lucifer, Michael and I is the most thought-provoking book I have ever read.

We really don't understand our past. We've got the atheists operating in a vacuum, the religious pointing to the Bible and many of the undecided leaning on legends about the Greek gods.

Who would have thought that some of the Bible gods were the same characters as the unpredictable and fractious Greek gods? In their tales, both use the Earth as a battlefield, the men as toy soldiers and the women as sexual playthings.

This is a historical saga which connects the dots, adds flesh to the bones and paints a clearer picture of our doings than a smartphone with gazillions of pixels. The book allows you to 'see' the past with more clarity than any religious preacher or secular historian.

Nore has combined detail with an extraordinary understanding of the great sweep of our past. He writes with a silky smoothness, enticing you right into the middle of the action.

I don't think anybody has attempted to explain our beginnings in this way.

Lucifer, Michael and I is a novel both contentious and enlightening, entertaining and educational. It may flip your thinking about matters religious.

But first and foremost it is a brilliant novel. You won't be able to put down.

I was sorry to reach the end.

Alan Forrest Smith

Writer and Publisher

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