Tarot: Voice Of The Inner Light (Paperback)

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The Tarot has meant many things to many people throughout its colorful history, but for the first time this truly unique gift to human kind is presented in a format that is understandable by all who would seek out its wisdom and advice to help guide them through the mysteries, perils and pitfalls of daily life, love, interpersonal relationships, money matters, business and employment - the entire range and diversity of human experience. There is no aspect of human experience that is foreign to the Tarot and, as your friend and ever faithful servant, it stands ready to provide advice and illumination on any human concern. Unique among the spiritual traditions of the world, the Tarot waits to meet you and become an important partner in your life. Using a unique beginners One Card system of reading, the Tarot will be providing you with valuable insight and guidance within hours after you purchase this book.

About the Author

Richard Palmer began writing at an early age and is a published author of four other works. He has studied and practiced Tarot for many years and this book grew out of intense study coupled with down to earth practical experience in reading the Tarot on a daily basis for a diverse, worldwide group of individuals. In this pioneering volume, he cuts through the false information and superstitions that have surrounded the Tarot in its passage through history and invokes a bold new approach to its interpretation and usage that will find a welcoming acceptance in the life of anyone who wishes to understand and utilize the wisdom of the Tarot.
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ISBN: 9781438269108
ISBN-10: 1438269102
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 16th, 2008
Pages: 272
Language: English