Empath: A Guide to Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, Narcissists, and Energy Vampires - Dodging Energy (Paperback)

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What is an Empath? How do you know if you are an Empath? What is the difference between being an Empath and feeling empathy? How can you learn to help yourself function well if you are an Empath? If you are an Empath then you are looking for answers to these questions. Many people are Empaths and they don't even realize it. There are a variety of symptoms that can occur that many people confuse with being "too sensitive", or often ill or prone to allergies. Many people who are Empaths can actually take on the emotions of others and feel them as if they are their own, including physical pain, emotional pain and various illnesses.

When you start to read this book, Empath: A Guide to Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, Narcissists and Energy Vampires-Dodging Energy, you will have an even bigger understanding of what it means to be an Empath. There are not a lot of accurate guides out there to truly give you the tools and resources you need.

All of these questions and more will be answered here in this book. You will find the answers you are looking for to uncover the truth about how you know you are an Empath, how it can happen on a biological level, what to do to help yourself thrive as an Empath, and how to protect yourself from other people's emotions, feelings and reactions so that you don't adopt them and make them your own.

There is great truth in the life of an Empath and we are here to bring more love and harmony to the World. Empaths are notorious for their listening skills, compassion, understanding and ability to "walk" in another's shoes. You may be that person, or know that person in your life, but either way, understanding the true cause of being an Empath and why they are different from others can help you learn to live a healthy, free and beautiful life of empathy.

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ISBN: 9781087865768
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Publisher: Pg Publishing LLC
Publication Date: February 8th, 2020
Pages: 162
Language: English