The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, Volume 4: Criticism: Historical Criticism, Intentions, the Soul of Man (Hardcover)

The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, Volume 4: Criticism: Historical Criticism, Intentions, the Soul of Man Cover Image
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Volume IV of the Oxford English Texts Complete Works of Oscar Wilde is the first variorum edition of Wilde's major critical writing; it includes the critical essays which were re-published in book-form in his life-time - that is, those anthologised in Intentions and The Soul of Man - as well as his graduate essay usually known by the title The Rise of Historical Criticism, but which this volume titles Historical Criticism. The Introduction gives a detailed account of the composition of each of the essays: it gives a new explanation for the relationship between the 'The Decay of Lying' and 'Pen, Pencil, and Poison' (arguing that they are best understood as companion pieces); it provides the first concrete demonstration that Wilde did, on occasions, knowingly 'copy' his own work; and it reveals that substantial cuts were made to some of Wilde's essays (without his full consent) by the periodical editors with whom he worked. The edition also provides, for the first time, a full collation of the textual variants between the published versions of Wilde's essays (that is, both book and periodical), and all extant manuscripts; in addition it establishes a new, authoritative text for Historical Criticism, based on an examination of the original manuscript, which differs significantly from that printed by Robert Ross in his 1908 Collected Edition (and subsequently reprinted in the Collins Complete Works). The annotation to the edition reveals the full extent of Wilde's 'borrowings' both from his own work, and from other writers; it also reveals that much of Historical Criticism is in fact paraphrasing or translating well-known classical texts, and that the some of denseness of the argument is due to ellipses in Wilde's text that were disguised by earlier editors.

About the Author

Josephine M. Guy is Professor of Modern Literature at the University of Nottingham. She has written widely on nineteenth-century literary and cultural history, including studies of the mid-Victorian social-problem novel and late nineteenth-century British avant-garde movements. In collaboration with Ian Small, she has published two studies of Oscar Wilde's writing practices, as well as an account of the disciplinary status of English Studies.
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ISBN: 9780198119616
ISBN-10: 0198119615
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: October 18th, 2007
Pages: 604
Language: English
Series: Complete Works of Oscar Wilde