Berkeley Arts Magnet Fundraiser May 9-15

Welcome to the Berkeley Arts Magnet School Fundraiser, May 9-15

WITH EVERY PURCHASE you make of *any books* in-store or on this website, May 9-15th, Pegasus Books will donate a percentage of your total back to Berkeley Arts Magnet to support our kids' enrichment. Be sure to say "Berkeley Arts Magnet" at time of in-store purchase, or type "Berkeley Arts Magnet" in the comment field when ordering online. Teacher wishlists are listed below.

REMINDER: Our stores are allowing limited occupancy. You may encounter a line at the door, especially on weekends.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE TYPE "Berkeley Arts Magnet" IN THE COMMENT FIELD when you order any books on this website. This will ensure your purchase is counted towards the Berkeley Arts Magnet Fundraiser.

TWO WAYS TO DONATE a gift card or code: If you are shopping online, you can send your teacher an online gift code here. To donate a gift card for teachers to use at the store, please call our SOLANO Pegasus store (510) 525-6888, or visit the store.

WHEN ORDERING ONLINE: If you are ordering books on this site to pick up in-store, please choose the SOLANO/North Berkeley store in checkout.

For reading suggestions see these age-appropriate and themed reading lists recommended by Berkeley Unified School District.

TEACHER WISH LISTS: Selections vary between online and in-store display. Please visit PEGASUS ON SOLANO for more selection.

Teacher Thomas (1st Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Wright (1st Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Palmer (1st Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teachers Paolini and Canjura (2nd Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Cruchett (2nd Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Hamilton (2nd Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Furguson (3rd Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Soni (3rd Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Khare (4th Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Caporal (5th Grade) Classroom Wish List

Teacher Cherene (Science) Classroom Wish List