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Staff Pets

Manuela's Henry

Pegasus Books Downtown's store cat, Parit

Pegasus Downtown's Parit was named one of Mental Floss' 10 excellent bookstore cats! (Don't tell Bean, our other cat.) Read about it here...

Lindsay's mom's Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. Jr.

Pegasus Books' Dusty

Eve and K.C.'s Dusty




Lilah's Diego

Tara's Kipper

Parit at Pegasus Downtown's Mark Twain event 

Colin's Rudy

Pegasus Downtown’s Parit


Pegasus Downtown’s Bean

Pegasus' Murphy

Tara and Dave’s Peanut 

Marjorie and Steve's Little Nell 

Amy's Smokey

Anna's Ukpik and Nanuk


Susan’s Pie

Pegasus Staff Pets; George

Susan’s George

Susan’s Tiny Chum





Marjorie and Steve's cats