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Since we began regularly hosting events in 2008, creative energies of Pegasus staffers have shaped a unique event program. Clay Banes helped Pegasus Books gain national recognition for our poetry events. Rachel Marcus allowed the program to experiment and expand. Joe Christiano nurtured First Person Singular into its current, award-winning status. Marlon Rigel grew the program to feature award-winning graphic novelists as well as offsite events with Isabel Allende and  Anne Lamott. And Manuela Aronofsky continues to summon outstanding artists and writers to Pegasus.

Below, a partial list of authors, artists, athletes and adversaries:

Novella Carpenter

Dave Eggers

Graham Faust

Barry Gifford

Jack Gilbert

Michael Horse

Josh Kornbluth

Christian Lander

Frances Moore Lappe

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Yiyun Li

Greil Marcus

Bharati Mukherjee

Frank Portman

Kim Stanley Robinson

April Sinclair

John Scieszka

Wesley Stace

Isabel Allende

Anne Lamott

Craig Thompson

Jim Woodring

Jeff Chang