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First Person Singular presents Hear Me Now?: Cell Phone Monologues

Dec 3 2012 8:00 pm

First Person Singular presents Hear Me Now? Cell Phone Monologues at The Ashby Stage, Berkeley, Monday,  Dec. 3rd, 8 pm

HEAR ME NOW: CELL PHONE MONOLOGUES A First Person Singular Original

Written & performed by:

Trevor Allen, playwright and solo theater performer (49 Miles; The Creature; Working for the Mouse)

Kim Addonizio, poet & novelist (Jimmy & Rita; Lucifer at the Starlite; Tell Me) Alicia Dattner, comedian & solo theater writer-performer (Eat, Pray, Laugh; The Punchline; The Oy of Sex)

Marga Gomez, comedian (HBO; Showtime) & solo theater writer-performer (Long Island Iced Latina; Marga Gomez is Pretty, Witty & Gay; Not Getting Any Younger)

Christopher Kuckenbaker, actor & playwright (The Burroughs and Kookie Show)

Eddie Muller, writer (The Distance; Grindhouse; Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir), founder of The Film Noir Foundation and The Noir City Film Festival

Ian Shoales (Merle Kessler), writer, humorist, performer (NPR's All Things Considered; Morning Edition; ABC's Nightline), founding member of Duck's Breath Mystery Theater

April Sinclair, novelist (I Left My Back Door Open; Coffee Will Make You Black; Ain't Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice)

From the checkout line to the seat behind you on the train, the modern phenomenon of the cell phone monologue is often a deliberate display - a defiant assertion of self. We're calling on the best and brightest of Bay Area talent to put this unsolicited public theater into a proper context, and demonstrate what iPhone exhibitionism can inadvertently, and entertainingly, reveal.

What: Hear Me Now? Cell Phone Monologues

A First Person Singular Original

When: Monday, December 3rd, 8 pm

Where: The Ashby Stage

Tickets: $15

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The Ashby Stage
1901 Ashby Avenue
United States